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“People who are interested in the world of universities and committed to their improvement agree that, similarly to other areas, in higher education, one of the most important sources for improvement is innovation. The higher education systems that support innovation in institutions can gain an advantage that cannot be made up for against those that are neutral, or even obstructive to it.” (Gábor Halász)
The present volume is an overview of a comprehensive case study with the objective to introduce one of the longest and most comprehensive monitoring processes of a bachelor training programme in Hungary. From chapter to chapter, the effort of a professional community takes shape whose aim is the continuous development and correction of an activity, which was carried out in a determined context, in the framework of a cyclic higher educational structure, during the implementation and functioning of a training programme. In addition to this, the reflections of the community on the learning process, as subjects who became part of it, are also revealed.
The authors are professors at Eötvös Loránd University, who had undertaken the task of following the evolution of a bachelor training programme in the form of action research from its induction in 2006 until its renewal in 2011. They present the more and less inspirational phases of this innovation process, the possibilities and results of the use of teachers’ and students’ experiences enriched with research elements. Their work is a new approach to the research of practice, the reinterpretation of the traditional role of theory and science in higher education in a consciously new way of publication. The interrelations of the authors’ shared professional point of view and the scientific evidence shed light on numerous processes taking place in higher education.



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Training Programme and Organisation in the Bologna Process of Hungarian Higher Education: The BaBe Project

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