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How is Man to be defined?
Can this fascinating, yet at times disappointing being truly be understood?
Is there any noticeable pattern in what we are, what we do, say or think, and why… in whatever we tend to find beautiful or meaningful?
Are there any constant and unchangeable rules, strict and predictable principles in human history, society and culture?
How can we understand people – their behavior, their activities, their sense of belonging, their personalities?
Anthropology seeks to conceive of human behavior by developing a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of humankind. Cultural anthropology is a field of anthropological knowledge that focuses on the basic patterns of everyday life and attaches cultural significance to social places and practices.
Culture is a constantly changing reality. Through thirteen glimpses into diverse cultural worlds, this book seeks to capture moments of shared “ephemeral realities” we are about to analyze. Once captured, cultural anthropology strives to preserve such moments… without these ’snapshots’, we would miss the opportunity to marvel at each other’s differences and similarities. In fact, the essence of “ephemeral reality” is understanding what we have in common trough discovering our differences.
Richard Papp’s book applies an anthropological perspective to universal cultural concepts and their interpretations in distinctive cultures, religious traditions and social groups.



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Richard Papp: Ephemeral reality. Many Faces of Culture

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