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The path to inclusion is a major challenge for educators. They can only meet societal expectations if we help them through everyday ordeal with the right methodology and good practices.  Sensitization programmes contribute greatly to their ability to perform the special tasks they face, without failure. Several innovative initiatives support the practice of accepting behaviour and the realization of pedagogical aspirations. Last but not least, research whose results open up new avenues for acquiring an integrative approach, also contributes to the mechanisms of integration and inclusion. This volume provides guidance for this with research in organizational and children’s groups and sensitization events that present the disadvantages, solutions and special areas of different development of the different socioeconomic status. Each special subject area is represented by faculty and researchers from ELTE BGGYK, ELTE TÓK, Apor Vilmos Catholic College, and Semmelweis University.



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Márkus, Éva – Trentinné Benkő, Éva – Árva, Valéria – Svraka, Bernadett Eötvös (ed.): Languages, Inclusion, Cultures and Pedagogy: Research and Good Practices 2. Integration in Practice

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