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In this volume six essays, Dávid Falvay makes a philological analysis of hagiographic texts, providing interesting, original insight into late medieval religious literature. Each pieces of the hagiographic tradition are treated in their broader cultural context, with focus on how they did incorporate historical memory, or how they navigated around the ambivalent feelings about the “saintly pagans” on the East-European periphery. The author broadens his field of study to important texts of late medieval meditation literature, such as The Mirror of Simple Souls or the Meditationes Vitae Christi. He relies in his important new observations – and refutation of erroneous interpretations – upon his specific knowledge on the hagiography of Saint Elisabeth and upon accurate professional methods. These studies, moreover, provide the reader a valid overall image of late medieval religious spirituality, relying on up-to-date international scholarship.



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Dávid Falvay: Vernacular Hagiography and Meditation Literature in Late Medieval Italy – Studi di italianistica all’ELTE – Italian Studies at ELTE sorozat

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