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There are many high-quality health economic evaluation books and manuscripts. The objective of this book was not to be yet another health economic evaluation text. This book fills a void missing within alternative resources. The primary objective of its publication is to support eager learners and model building practitioners seeking a pragmatic and concise roadmap for how to choose wisely related to the many important decisions within health economic evaluation modelling.

This book begins with a practical review of decision analytic modelling techniques supporting economic evaluations in health care. After bringing learners and future and current model builders to an equal playing field, this book’s essence relates to how it supports the reader in choosing a model type that fits the research question; in walking the reader through pragmatic step-by-step instructions for model building; in concisely addressing the advanced topic of uncertainty; and in providing checklists related to model validation and quality assurance.

Modelling, done well, is a rigorous, systematic, scientific exercise that transparently addresses research questions while simultaneously generating additional hypotheses. The editors and authors combined scientific knowledge with many years of modelling experience to share the book’s essence with readers who are interested in learning and working in this growing field.



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Balázs Nagy – Jonathan D. Campbell – Zoltán Kaló (eds): The role of modelling in economic evaluations in health care

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