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Choosing the title The Modern Translator and Interpreter is a risky business in our fast-moving world, given how a few years from now we may chuckle at the sight of the word ‘modern’ being used to describe the topics discussed in this book. Still, it is worth mentioning some of the new aspects, expectations and changes taking shape in the field of language services which modern-day translators and interpreters must come to terms with. The spread of information and communications technology and the rise of social media have had a significant impact on the way translators and interpreters do their jobs. They are no longer just expected to mediate between languages in written or spoken form. Today, translators and interpreters must offer a complex set of services. This book explores developments in the field of language services across three chapters. The first, Hungarian version o f this book was originally published in March 2015. In its initial form it was specifically aimed at the Hungarian reader, the professional language service provider, the trainer and the trainee. The book attempted to place developments in Hungary in an international setting. This new English version retains all the contributions found in the first edition but, at the same time, it was edited with the international readership in mind. To this end, Hungary-specific examples have been omitted, but we have kept those cases related to Hungary which we consider to be of general interest or use to an international audience.



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The Modern Translator and Interpreter

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