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The present volume contains case studies or if you like, descriptions of the transition from presential to distance education, the experience of students and teachers. They include translation, guided translation project work, film subtitling, interpreter training, final examinations and doctoral defense in distance mode. What they all have in common is that the authors bring us very close to the dilemmas of distance education and examination, possible solutions, as well as pedagogical methods and processes that, I am sure, have affected not only us during this special period but many others as well. The volume shows a very high degree of institutional and educational creativity, and a positive, problem-oriented attitude. Here I would like to emphasise the phrase institutional, as our department has nearly fifty teachers, who have all made similar efforts to provide our students with the usual high-quality training during distance education, and ensure that the transition takes place as smoothly as possible. The infrastructural framework of this training was developed with the support of the university, faculty and department management.



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Márta Seresi – Réka Eszenyi – Edina Robin (eds): Distance education in translator and interpreter training

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