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Recent years have seen significant scholarly attention directed towards the Mongol invasions. Historical writing in European countries has typically examined the history of the Mongol conquest within a national contexts. This volume, however, seeks to broaden the scope by exploring the Mongol attacks across various regions of Central Europe simultaneously. Comprising papers on the Great Western Expedition of the Mongols and its depiction in diverse sources, this volume not only focuses on regional aspects but also delves into archaeological and art historical dimensions. Drawing on the latest research, the papers offer a comprehensive overview of the short and long-term consequences of the Mongol military campaigns. Beyond reconstructing the events and aftermath of the campaigns of 1236-1242, it also addresses subsequent waves of invasions extending into the 1290s. The impact of the Mongol invasions on the historical memory of the region’s countries persists into modern times, a topic explored in this volume alongside the reflection of these events in popular memory, folk narratives and modern historiography. Based on a conference held at ELTE in 2020, this volume has been enriched with additional papers reflecting the latest research in the field.



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Balázs Nagy (ed.): The Mongols in Central Europe: The Profile and Impact of their Thirteenth-Century Invasions

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