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The present volume – complemented by its Hungarian counterpart Hagyomány és innováció a magyar és a világirodalomban [Tradition and Innovation in Hungarian and World Literature], presenting a different set of studies – should be seen as the final stage of a one-year long project conducted at the Faculty of Humanities, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Twelve literary scholars, experts in their fields ranging from Classics to Comparative Literature Studies, as well as English, American, and Hungarian Studies – came together to form the research group Tradition and Innovation in Literature, encompassing diverse topics past and present. The historical-chronological dimension of the investigation inevitably disclosed correlations with theoretical angles, thus inviting explorations into textualities to be showcased in several genres, including poetry, fiction, and cinema. As a result, the ensuing essays on both Hungarian and world literature offer a rich tapestry of topics, an informative vista on the ever-shifting and dynamic interplay between innovation and tradition, which shapes and motivates all cultural practices from antiquity to the contemporary.



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Pál Hegyi (ed): Tradition and Innovation in Literature from Antiquity to the Present

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