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The essays in this volume are all selected papers from the conference Gendered Identities in Contemporary Literary and Visual Cultures, organized in June 2015 in Budapest, Hungary, by the Narratives of Culture and Identity Research Group. The  authors deal with a wide array of gender  issues in modern and postmodern English literature, contemporary popular  culture, and postcolonia and Eastern European studies. The essays are arranged into three larger chapters based  on  their  subject  matter:  “Dissecting  Identities” examines gendered identities in various literary contexts; “Creating Social Identities” looks at the function of society and culture in identity formation; and “Reinventing Gender Roles” deals with subversive uses of gender representation. The collection displays several applications  of gender studies as well as the authors’ enthusiastic engagement with the many directions in which gender studies can take us.



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Kata Gyuris – Eszter Szép – Dóra Vecsernyés (eds): TURNING THE PAGE – Gendered Identities in Contemporary Literary and Visual Cultures

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