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With the publication of the papers of the First Budapest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy in 2017, we accomplished overcoming such unfruitful divisions as the time-honoured interpretive distinction between “rationalists” and “empiricists”, liberating our perspectives from the rigid prejudices of simplifying handbooks. We also prepared the frame for further in-depth investigations in other areas of Early Modern thought, such as are presented in our volume. It comprises papers based on the contributions to the Second and Third Budapest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, held on 26–27 October 2017, and on 8–9 October 2018 at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. The topics of both Seminars are relevant not only for the early modern philosophy but also for our contemporary philosophical attempts to find access to present reality: constructions of personal identity, and the multifarious relationship between theories and practices of natural right and the claims to live up to our natural emotions. When composing this volume, our aim was not to present a systematic survey of any of these areas of topics in early modern philosophy. Rather, our modest goal was to foster collaboration among researchers working in different countries and traditions. Many of the papers published here are already in implicit or explicit dialogue with others. We hope that they will generate more of an exchange of ideas both in early modern scholarship and in several related areas and disciplines.



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Gábor Boros – Judit Szalai – Olivér István Tóth (eds): Personal Identity and Self-Interpretation & Natural Right and Natural Emotions

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