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This collection brings together critical studies framed by several theoretical perspectives, including performative, intersubjective, postmodern, feminist, tropological, and rhetorical. The prose texts have been selected in such a way that they are best interpreted through these theoretical
approaches. Specifically, they turn on processes whereby the (gendered) subjects are performatively constructed, while characters, often informed by rhetorical processes and structures, are formed via their interactions with others. The poetic texts are interpreted within the frames of poetological paradigms that problematize referentiality, self-expressivity, and performativity.
The approach of “reading through theory” might be called ekphrastic, where theory acts as a filter through which we read literature. Theory is put in the service of interpretation, while its use or usefulness is also tested in the process of critical reading. In other words, not only does the text demand the theory, but also the theory demands the text.



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Enikő Bollobás: Reading Through Theory

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