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„Following the first two volumes of this project, the aim of this study is to discern the logic behind the social and economic background of the military service. This volume is going to raise a greater number of important questions – concerning the economic and social history, and the history of the imperial administration of the Assyrian Empire, a comprehensive study of which has never been written – than it can hope to answer. Such aspects, as the economic and social stucture of the Empire and their changes over the centuries of the Neo­Assyrian period need much more research than the military historical aspect discussed in this volume allows for. […] The areas to be explored in this volume are (1) the recruitment system of the imperial army, including the social background of the individual soldiers and the service itself; (2) the supply and logistics of the army at home bases and during the campaigns, including the economic background of the individual soldiers and the service itself.”



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Tamás Dezső: The Assyrian Army II.: Recruitment and Logistics

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